Online Sessions

Classes in Aether with the help of technology!

Every Thursday evening & Sunday morning. Except for a long summer break.

During Covid times, online classes have become our only opportunity to be able to continue dancing together our practice of the 5Rhythms.

These online classes do will NOT replace forever classes and workshops where we are physically together.

Our online classes are a protected and sacred space where we can come together in this very difficult time.

I have decided to continue to offer at least one weekly online class even when we find ourselves dancing together physically because these sessions have been a very unexpected positive discovery and have helped many people.

You can practice standing, on the floor, in a chair or lying down.

You can create dance spaces anywhere; in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the garden, on the terrace. Alone or with one or more friends or with your children.

Dancing from home brings our practice into our daily life in a way like never before.

Creating your sacred and special atmosphere depends a lot more on you when we dance online. When we dance in a hall the team and teacher have already prepared the space for us so it is ready when we arrive. At home it’s up to us to think about perhaps creating a soft light for example or to burn some incense.

Online sessions also have some positive aspects to offer:

We can meet without having to travel, without having to organize who to leave the children, the dog, the love with…
We save the cost of various trips and reduce pollution by traveling less!
We can dance with teachers and dancers who live far away from us.
We can feel part of a dancing community wherever we are.
You can have audio recordings of my classes and dance to them whenever and wherever you want for many times.
For those who do live in a places where there are no classes or seminars normally, online classes can open up the possibility to participate in classes regularly.
The cost of online classes are cheaper than the classes where we are all in a hall together and the teacher has more expenses.

There are some important things to know before coming to an online 5Rhythms class for the first time, in order to have the best possible experience. Click below to read.