Technical Info


Our virtual Zoom doors open 15mins before the start of the class, to check that everything is working and have a chat if you would like with other dancers before we begin.

If it’s your first 5Rhythms class please let me know when you register and come online before the class starts.

Take some time before to prepare your space.
Wear comfortable clothes.
Better to be barefoot.
Use a warm soft light if possible.
Maybe light a candle or two or three …
Prepare some drinking water for yourself.
Better if you have a blanket, or something else to cover yourself at the end.

Please move in any way possible, standing, down on the floor, lying on the sofa or bed, sitting, there is no need for us to all to move all the time and in the same way!

There is no need to look at the screen.
Actually it can be helpful to forget about the screen and to connect to your own inner journey.
However if sometimes looking at others on the screen helps you to feel connected with the group that is fine.

Please arrive on time and to stay until the end.
Even if you don’t dance, stay connected by listening to the music, to my voice and to what is happening inside of you.

If you have not been able to attend a class due to technical problems,
write me an email with the date you were unable to attend
and you will be able to do another class on another date without repaying.


Zoom is a platform that you can download for free.
To participate you need a good Internet connection, a PC, tablet or mobile phone with a camera.
Using a mobile phone or tablet limits some of the functions of the Zoom app, so a PC / laptop is the best option.
Android smartphones:
IPhone IPad:


click on the blue button to join.
When the window opens you are in the video meeting.
In the lower left corner there is an image of the microphone,
please immediately put it in MUTE (if it isn’t already). Otherwise we all hear lots of noise!
This way no one else will hear you and you can make all the noise you want.
At the end when we have a sharing moment you can turn on your microphone if you want to say something.
Immediately when you enter and during the class you can write in the “chat” located at the bottom of the screen.
You can write to me, to the co-host, to everyone or to a person in private.
If you have difficulties of any kind, please write them there.
Next to the microphone icon there is a small arrow that allows you to choose where the audio comes from (SELECT A SPEAKER), which comes directly from the computer or from the speaker you have connected) – select SPEAKER that you have connected to, if it has been connected. If you only use your computer for audio, you don’t need to select anything.

If you don’t want to be seen, next to the microphone icon there is an image of a video camera,
by selecting this you can turn on or off your video.
If you do not have a good internet line, it is good to turn off the video in order to hear the music and my voice better.
I prefer that we leave the videos on to feel more connected as a group,
so if it is possible please leave your video on. Thanks!In the upper right corner you can choose the appearance of your screen.
You have the option to see multiple people at the same time called:

or to see only two or three people at a time.
It is possible that sometimes there are problems due to an unstable internet connection.
If my line crashes and you can’ hear me or the music anymore please continue to dance and move, to stay in your journey.
The co host will continue to hold the group and I will come back quickly with the music!

If for some reason I cannot take the class, I will offer you another class without asking for further payment.