Olivia Palmer


I’m a passionate dancer, music lover and nature lover.

I left London where I was born and grew up at the age of 21. My first destination was the Italian Alps. After the winter season there I moved to Milan where I lived and worked for several years. Several years later I moved to Tuscany to became part of a project to create an alternative, ecological way of living in the Tuscan hills where I still live today.

I taught children and teenagers English in private and state schools in Italy for almost 30 years.

I developed a method of teaching a second language using creativity and movement which I then also used to help children with learning difficulties in the school system. After some years I opened a studio where I offered support to young people with difficulties at school not only with English.

I had learned from a very early age classical and then contemporary dance in some of the best schools of London. Dance was my refuge as a dyslexic child stressed by the school system, it was where I found peace, inner strength & joy. I don’t think the classes were enough because I improvised every day on my own, personal creative dances wherever I was. 

In my turbulent adolescence I continued to study dance in the dance academies structure and at the same time went out dancing on the week ends in clubs and discotheques. I loved the freedom that the dance gave me and the ecstasy I felt without any use of drugs at all! Many years later I understood that it is in moments of free expressive dance and movement that dance can be a support and healing tool.

I eventually left the academic structure of the dance schools and London in search of the myself and free expression. 

In Italy I participated in several courses of dance (Indian, African, Tarrantelle etc.,) and finally dance as a healing instrument by training in Trance Dance and Dance Movement Therapy, Maria Fux method.

In the years that followed I continued my formative training in numerous self-healing courses, movement practices, Shamanic practices and women’s circles which have helped me feel free and finally find the 5Rhythms practice and Conscious Dance.

I am certified to teach the 5Rhythms Waves level, a mentor for the Spaceholder program and mentor to new certified 5Rhythms teachers. I am currently in training to teach the Heartbeat level and studying to become a MindBody Therapist. 

All the different practices and research I have done in my life integrate very naturally with the 5Rhythms. I work with dance & movement as a healing process and a way to become more embodied and mindful. I work mainly with groups but also individual one to one sessions helping people specifically discover and accept their true selves and find their path to manifesting there talents.

I love to create conscious dance retreats in the beautiful Italian countryside, integrating all my studies together with the power of nature.


Energy Healing [Barbara Brennan Method]
Trance Dance Facilitator [Frank Natale Method]
Dance Therapy [Maria Fux Method]
Moon Mother [Miranda Grey Method]
Certified 5Rhythms teacher. [5Rhythms ©]

With our association OLLA asd, together with the founding members, I wanted to create a flexible and effective container to use in as many ways as possible. We explore through free movement and dance the emotional and physical resources that each individual has within – through the awareness of the relationship between thoughts, sensations , emotions and actions – we promote a harmonious development in each of us. It is a matter of consciously integrating our physical and psychological  individuality to achieve total well-being of the individual. Our inner and outer harmony comes into balance with our relationship to our own nature and the Universe.

The OLLAasd Association directs its activities to everyone, because anyone can benefit from a rediscovered balance between their emotional and physical resources. We pay particular attention to minorities and people who need to recover their relationship with their body and their emotional state following intensive care (such as radio and chemo therapy), to people who suffer from an anxious or stressful life, single parents and the younger generations. To achieve our goals we use the potential of free expressive dance and movement not only as a source of expressive development but also as a resource for group therapy.

How the OLLA asd Association is structured can be read in its statute which can be read here.

a questo link.