Thoughts on self-isolation


Self-isolation has been used over the centuries to reach a state of deep inner listening, to find visions in times of transition. This type of listening creates a connection with what is happening at that moment, accepting what is there and dedicating time to our emotions so they can be transformed in a positive way.

A period of time that interrupts all that is normal, our habits and distractions of everyday life disappear, so wha tis really needed can manifest itself.

We were forced to slow down and as we do I reflect on this historical moment and what Gabrielle Roth said: We are in the era of Chaos, and the big problem is that we are resting it. That is, we do not allow ourselves to enter Chaos completely, in order to then have it’s benefits.

Now more than ever, I feel the importance of us as individuals in transforming the collective. The impact that a single person has in the world is much more significant that what we are taught to believe, and when we are not alone great and positive transformations can take place for all of us.

I believe that each of us in our own small way can make the difference. I see it in groups dancing. When after the Rhythm of Chaos I introduce the Rhythm of Lyrical, everyone enters into it in their own time and a big transformation happens with a very strong collective energy in the group. Witnessing this is very touching, to see a group of free and united individuals, together transforming suffering into art.

I am convinced that we have the power to decide whether to be a negative or positive wave in the world. Whether to feed anxiety or peace.