Taking care of ourselves


We can learn to move through pain and turn it into art.

We can even learn to move with what is hidden in our inner shadows in transformative dances of self-acceptance.

Often the deepest wounds are part of experiences that touched us most deeply and therefore we often find it difficult to let go of them.

But! We can dance our being stuck in the role of victim in our pain.

Our suffering can feed very creative and unexpected dances becoming a source of great understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.

All this helps to bring a feeling of well-being with ourselves, with our dances and with whom we dance and this can give us the courage to let ourselves go and be more in acceptance of what is.

As each Rhythm gradually frees us from layers of tension accumulated in our bodies, hearts, minds and souls we find – grounding in Flow, our self expression in Staccato, the art of letting go in Chaos, the value of our should in Lyrical and profound peace in Stillness.

I am eternally grateful to this practice and to my tribe that trusts, shows up and lets go Rhythm after Rhythm, Wave after Wave.