My Wave of affirmations


Flow – I trust in life as it develops and the universe with it’s divine timing in everything. I will always remember that life is a journey of discovery and the journey is the real reward.

Staccato – I promise to share my true self with others and allow them to see me. I will always trust my heart and I will not push myself in “doing”, knowing that my value is not in how much I do.

Chaos – I will remind myself that I have made no mistakes. I will stop giving my power away to others, freeing myself from the thought that I am not enough and embracing the unknown with all that it brings.

Lyrical – I will not take my self too seriously, I will bring lightness where I can and choose joy to lead the way.

Stillness – I will always be compassionate with myself and others. Focusing on what needs healing. I strongly believe that we are all one. I will never be persuaded by the false illusions of separation.