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This will be an online class in English with translation into Czech.

Made for the dancers in Prague where Olivia was supposed to go and couldn’t due to the Covid pandemic situation. Open to anyone who understands English or Czech.

“This is where we must begin and this is the fundamental point. Your body is the earthly metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. Your bible, your encyclopedia, the story of your life. What happened to you is stored in your body. Your body knows, your body speaks. ” Gabrielle Roth
It seems like the whole western world is suffering from an information overload…. We are constantly switching among channels on the tv, pages on fb, instagram, email, whatsapp, messenger, our inner to do list… And the hopping with our attention from one thing to the next has become a habit that we are bringing into our relationships.
Of course we can’t stop the world, unplug all our modems and devices, and go back to candlelight and horse drawn buggies. We have to accept the speed and rhythm of our times and yet realise that the more potential we have to be distracted, the more urgently we need to be grounded. The more sophisticated we’ve become, the more mental stimulations we’ve required the more disconnected we’ve become from our bodies and the earth.
In the 5Rhythms practice we consider the physical body as a temple for our soul, that we are not only composed of matter, that we are something more than just atoms.
It is through movement and dance that we can learn a lot from our body: We can ​​learn to listen and understand how much our body has to teach us … And even find how much pain there is in refusing to move in a certain way for so long.
The 5Rhythms are liberating for anyone and there are no steps and choreography to learn. No matter what age, body shape, ethnic roots, religion or ability to move, the 5Rhythms is a practice that guides us deeper into physical, emotional and intellectual awareness.
If you decide to take part in the Freedom weekend workshop, which will take place 16 July to 18 July 2021 in the Czech Republic, the price for this online class will be deducted from the price for the Freedom workshop.





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21 February 2021 15:00
21 February 2021 17:00