5Rhythms and Taoism


I often feel a connection with Taoism when I start to dance a wave and I’m in the first Rhythm, Flowing.

Taoism meditation is a practice centred on increasing our inner energy and is based on the principle of non-intervention, of observing without taking action, accepting the natural flow of events and the circulation of Qi energy within us.

Entering the energy of flowing

I lower my glance and bring my attention to my belly, to the center of gravity in my body, as if in honey I begin to move, I slow down my movements and breathe consciously.

I focus on my inner world by bringing attention to myself physically. 

I trust my feet, and that is when I start to physically flow in the space, increasing my grounding and in this way I start to contact emotions and experiences memorised in the parts of my body.

Teachers of Tao or Buddhism invite their students to put their attention on the lower Dantian point in their body, which is three inches below the navel, the point that collects the essence of human energy.